Thimbles-Sterling Silver

Before ordering, please read the information here.


Thimble with plain band and no rim
Plain Band-No Rim – $52


Thimble with plain band and rolled rim
Plain Band-Rolled Rim – $58


Thimble with Greek Key design
Greek Key-No Rim – $50


Thimble with faceted band
Faceted Band – $50


Thimble with geometric band
Geometric Band – $44


Thimble with wild flower design
Wild Flowers – $60


Tailor"s thimble with open top
Tailor’s Thimble-Open Top – $70


Thimbe with paneled band
Paneled Band – $70


Thimble with grapevine design
Grapevine – $110


Thimble with Christmas bells
Christmas Bells -$110