Thimble Cages

Where is your thimble?

Once you have found the perfect thimble, you should have a safe place to store it when not in use. I always tell my customers that if it isn’t on your finger, it should be in a safe place.


Silver thimble cage

Display your thimble as a reflection of your love and passion for sewing. A thimble cage can be worn as a pendant or attached to your favorite chatelaine or pin and worn at the neck or on a jacket lapel.

Available in sterling silver or gold overlay. Made in USA.

Will hold up to size 7.5 Roxanne thimble and up to to size 11 traditional thimble. Contact us for other types of thimbles.

Wire Thimble Cage


roxanne thimble cage
Roxanne Thimble Cage

Roxanne Thimble Cage (Extra Large Cage) with Hibiscus Design

(will accommodate up to a 9.5 Roxanne thimble)

Includes ribbon and clasp for wearing

Available in Gold or Silver Tone


Roxanne Thimble Cage