Thimbles, Etc. is an independently owned company that was started in 1996 when an attempt to find a sterling silver thimble with which to sew proved unsuccessful. If I was having so much trouble finding a silver thimble to buy, so must others as well.

And so we embarked on a journey that would help anyone who used a thimble find the appropriate kind and get a custom fit. It was quite fortuitous that we would be called Thimbles, Etc. as the ETC gave us lots of room to expand within the niche of thimbles and complementary accessories.

We started with a line of functional thimbles and a single wire thimble cage. Over the years, we have had over 300 different products in our line.

To better service the needs of our customers, we began vending at various quilting and sewing shows across the country as well as developing a web presence. We love meeting our customers, many of whom have become good friends throughout the years.

Presently, we are an internet business only and have developed a system to enable our customers to order a custom-sized thimble online. We offer a variety of styles, types, and materials to meet the unique needs of our customers as no one thimble is perfect for everyone. Our customers have ranged from quilters, crafters, manufacturers, and surgeons to magicians and wash board players, just to name a few.

But the original purpose for using a thimble is that of being a “needle pusher” to aid in pushing a needle through some type of cloth. Once you learn to sew with a thimble, you will not be able to do so without one.

Happy sewing, quilting, and thimbling!